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2019 Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 E-TEC

Retail Price:   $13799.00


West haven, UT
1 Miles
Horizontal In-line
Continuously Variable (CVT)


info specifications
2019 Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 E-TEC

The 2019 MXZ X brings effortless, precise handling combined with the instant, hard hitting acceleration pure trail riders crave. Its REV Gen4 platform and Rotax E-TEC engines instantly respond to rider input for a sharp, powerful ride.


Rotax Engine

Engine: ROTAX 850 E-TEC

Engine details: Liquid-cooled, eRAVE™

Cylinders: 2

Displacement: 51.9 cu. in. (849 cc)

Bore: 3.2 in. (82 mm)

Stroke: 3.2 in. (80.4 mm)

Maximum engine speed: 7,900 RPM

Carburation: E-TEC direct injection with additional booster injectors

Recommended fuel type: Premium unleaded

Minimum octane: 91

Fuel tank: 9.5 US gal (36 L)

Oil tank capacity: 3.6 qt (3.4 L)


Engine: ROTAX 850 E-TEC

Drive clutch type: pDrive™ with clickers

Driven clutch type: QRS

Engagement: 3,800 RPM

Small sprocket number of teeth: 27 (Ripsaw, Ice Ripper XT); 25 (Ice Cobra 1.6)

Large sprocket number of teeth: 45

Drive sprocket number of teeth: 8

Drive sprocket diameter: 7.2 in. (183 mm)

Brake system: Brembo racing brake with stainless-steel braided brake line

Dry Weight

Engine: ROTAX 850 E-TEC

Dry Weight: 475 lb. (215 kg)


Vehicle overall length: 115.2 in. (2,925 mm)

Vehicle overall width: 47.9 in. (1,217 mm)

Vehicle overall height: 49.9 in. (1,267 mm)

Ski stance: 42.4 in. (1,077 mm)

Ski overall length: 42 in. (1,066 mm)

Track nominal width: 15 in. (381 mm)

Track nominal length: 129 in. (3,269 mm)

Track profile height: 1.25 in. RipSaw (31.8 mm)

Optional track: 1.6 in. Ice Cobra (31.8 mm / 1.25 in. Ice Ripper XT or; 40.6 mm)


Front suspension: RAS™ 3

Front shock: HPG™ Plus

Front suspension max. travel: 9.17 in. (233 mm)

Rear suspension: rMotion™

Center shock: HPG™ Plus

Rear shock: KYB Pro 36 Easy-Adjust

Rear suspension max. travel: 10.7 in. (272 mm)


Frame: REV® Gen4

Bodywork: Narrow design

Skis: Pilot™ 5.7; Pilot™ TS (optional)

Seating: Trail performance

Handlebar: U-shaped aluminum with J-hooks

Riser block height: 4.7 in. (Adjustable-120 mm)

Starter: Electric

Reverse: RER™

Heated throttle lever/ grips: Standard

Gauge: Multifunction

Mirrors: Optional

Windshield: 14 in. (360 mm)

Runner: 8 (Square 3)

Carbide configuration: 4 in. at 90 deg. (102 mm)

Hitch: Optional

Rotax Engine

Engine details: Liquid-cooled, eRAVE™


Drive clutch type: pDrive™ with clickers


Front suspension: RAS™ 3

Front shock: HPG™ Plus

Rear suspension: rMotion™

Center shock: HPG™ Plus


Frame: REV® Gen4

Skis: Pilot™ 5.7; Pilot™ TS (optional)

Reverse: RER™



Price Standard
Price - Warranty (Months) 12
Price - Warranty (Condition) Limited


Engine Standard
Engine - Engine Brand Name Rotax® E-Tec
Engine - Engine Type Horizontal In-line
Engine - Cylinders 2
Engine - Engine Stroke 2-Stroke
Engine - Cooling Liquid
Engine - Valve Configuration Reed Valve
Engine - Bore (mm) 82
Engine - Bore (in) 3.2
Engine - Stroke (mm) 80.4
Engine - Stroke (in) 3.2
Engine - Displacement (cc) 849
Engine - Displacement (ci) 51.9
Engine - Starter Electric
Engine - Fuel Requirements Premium
Engine - Fuel Type Gas / Oil Injected
Engine - Turbocharged No
Engine - Supercharged No
Carburetion Standard
Carburetion - Fuel Injector Yes
Carburetion - Carburetor No
Carburetion - Carburetion Type Fuel Injected
Parental Controls - Speed Governor No
Kill Switch / Tether Cord Standard
Emergency Engine Shut-Off Standard


Transmission Standard
Transmission - Transmission Type Continuously Variable (CVT)
Transmission - Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) Belt
Transmission - Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission) Belt
Transmission - Reverse Yes
Transmission - Hi / Low Range No
Transmission - Clutch Brand pDrive
Throttle Standard
Throttle - Throttle Type Thumb


Dimensions Standard
Dimensions - Length (in) 115.2
Dimensions - Length (mm) 2925
Dimensions - Width (in) 47.9
Dimensions - Width (mm) 1217
Dimensions - Height (in) 49.9
Dimensions - Height (mm) 1267
Dimensions - Maximum Ski Stance (in) 42.4
Dimensions - Maximum Ski Stance (mm) 1077
Dimensions - Minimum Ski Stance (in) 42.4
Dimensions - Minimum Ski Stance (mm) 1077
Dimensions - Length (ft) 9.6
Dimensions - Length (ft/ft) 9
Dimensions - Length (ft/in) 7.2
Weight Standard
Weight - Dry Weight (lbs) 475
Weight - Dry Weight (kg) 215
Capacities Standard
Capacities - Fuel Capacity (gal) 9.5
Capacities - Fuel Capacity (l) 36
Performance Standard


Construction Standard
Construction - Frame Aluminum
Construction - Body Material Plastic
Construction - Frame Brand REV Gen4
Floor Boards Standard
Floor Boards - Floor Board Location Driver
Floor Boards - Skid Resistant Yes
Hand Grips Standard
Exterior Guards Standard
Exterior Guards - Saddle Bag Guard No
Exterior Guards - Belt Guard Yes
Exterior Guards - Hand Guards Yes
Exterior Guards - Brush Guard No
Exterior Guards - Light Guard No
Exterior Guards - Clutch Guard Yes
Exterior Guards - Snow Guard Yes
Exterior Covers Standard
Exterior Covers - Side Cover Yes
Handlebars Standard
Handlebar Pads Standard
Front Bumper Standard
Rear Bumper Standard
Wind Deflector Standard
Handlebar Hooks Standard
Skis Standard
Skis - Ski Material Plastic
Skis - Ski Brand Pilot 5.7
Ski Handle Standard
Skags Standard
Skags - Skag Material Carbide


Front Suspension Standard
Front Suspension - Front Suspension Type Independent Double A-Arm
Front Suspension - Front Travel (in) 9.2
Front Suspension - Front Travel (mm) 233
Front Suspension - Front Suspension Brand Name RAS 3
Front Suspension - Front Stabilizer Bar Yes
Rear Suspension Standard
Rear Suspension - Rear Travel (in) 10.7
Rear Suspension - Rear Travel (mm) 272
Rear Suspension - Number Rear Shock Absorbers 2
Rear Suspension - Rear Suspension Brand Name rMotion
Rear Suspension - Adjustment Type Shock Mounted Adjustment
Front Shock Absorbers Standard
Front Shock Absorbers - Front Shock Absorber Brand HPG
Front Shock Absorbers - Front Shock Absorber Type High Pressure Gas
Front Shock Absorbers - Coil Over Shock Yes
Rear Shock Absorbers Standard
Rear Shock Absorbers - Rear Shock Absorber Brand KYB
Rear Shock Absorbers - Rear Shock Absorber Type Adjustable Gas Shock
Center Shock Absorbers Standard
Center Shock Absorbers - Center Shock Absorber Brand HPG
Center Shock Absorbers - Center Shock Absorber Type High Pressure Gas


Brakes Standard
Brakes - Brake Brand Name Brembo®
Brakes - Rear Brake Type Hydraulic Disc


Seat Standard
Seat - Seat Type One-Piece
Seat - Adjustable No
Seat - Seat Material Vinyl
Seat - Seat Location Driver
Seat - Folding No
Seat Specifications Standard
Seat Specifications - Number Of Seats 1


Digital Instrumentation Standard
Tachometer Standard
Trip Odometer Standard
Speedometer Standard
Hour Meter Standard
Temperature Warning Standard
Fuel Level Warning Standard
Fuel Level Warning - Fuel Level Warning Type Gauge


Underseat Storage Standard
Rear Rack Standard
Glove Box / Dash Storage Standard


Halogen Headlight(s) Standard
Headlight(s) Standard
Headlight(s) - Type Halogen


Windshield Standard
Windshield - Height Adjustable No
Windshield - Tinted No
Windshield - Heated No
Windshield - Height Low


Engine Immobilizer Standard
Engine Immobilizer - Engine Immobilizer Brand Digitally Encoded Security System™ (DESS)
Heated Hand Grips Standard
Heated Hand Grips - Heated Hand Grip Location Driver
Heated Hand Grips - Adjustable Yes
Adjustable Handlebars Standard


Paint Standard
Paint - Metallic No


Track Standard
Track - Track Brand RipSaw
Track - Track Length (in) 129
Track - Track Length (mm) 3269
Track - Track Width (in) 15
Track - Track Width (mm) 381
Track - Lug Height (in) 1.25
Track - Lug Height (mm) 31.8
Track - Number Of Tracks 1


Steering Standard
Steering - Steering Type Manual
Steering - Steering Control Handlebar
Tilt Steering Standard


Windshield Mounts Standard

Certain features may require an additional add-on package that may not be included in the retail or sale price. Please contact the dealership for full details.